Your brain is reacting differently to various forms of tasks depending on the time of year.

FOX's Alex Hein explains:

A new study suggests that the way your brain works may vary from season to season. Researchers found that when people in the study did certain cognitive tasks, the ways the brain utilizes its resources to complete those tasks changed with the seasons.

Although people's actual performance of the tasks did not change with the seasons, the brain activity for the ongoing process varied.

Participants were observed during each season of the year for a period of four and a half days in a lab. They had no access to the external world or seasonal cues such as daylight. Researchers scanned their brains while they performed tasks testing their ability to sustain attention and to store, update, and compare information in their memories.

They found that the people's performance on these tasks did not change, regardless of the time of year. However results did show that the neurol cost of performing the tasks did change with the time of the year.

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Housecall for Health, I'm Alex Hein, FOX News.