When a brain suffers from a concussion, there needs to be a period of rest.

FOX's Alex Hein explains:

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone, but medical research on head injuries continues. We have two new studies to tell you about.

First, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center found that for anyone who gets repeated bangs to the head, it's vital for them to rest for several days before resuming normal activity.

The researchers studied mice, and found that even after one concussion, the brain lost up to 15% of its neural connections. But after three days of rest, the brain repaired itself.

A second study out of Imperial College in London looked at people who suffered brain injuries a year earlier. The researchers found a build-up of plaque in the brain, much the same as what's seen in people with Alzheimer's.

The researchers say this study may explain why head trauma patients are more likely to develop dementia. For more on these studies go to foxnewshealth.com.

Housecall for Health I'm Alex Hein, FOX News.