Nashville's Chris Carmack releases his debut EP and Chris Stapleton is not a hoarder and we like that.

I'm Michelle Pollino.

Nashville' star Chris Carmack plays an up and coming musician on the ABC TV show, but now life imitates art as the singer-songwriter has released his debut solo EP 'Pieces of You'.

He's excited for fans to get to know him outside of the TV show:

(Carmack) "I used to write poems down on scrap pieces of paper and save them. My mom was laughing recently, she's like, 'I found this little piggy bank and all these song ideas you wrote down.'"

The EP is filled with personal stories he penned during his time in L.A. while he was pursuing acting and is available right now: Check out his website for more information and tour dates.

(Stapleton) "You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey."

Chris Stapleton likes to share, in a recent article with GQ the 2015 CMA award winner who's a well-respected songwriter as well, says, "I don't feel like songs should be hoarded. That's the mark of artistry. Take a song that's maybe even a really popular song and do it your own way. I think that's pretty cool."

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