An affluent lifestyle got him probation, even after driving drunk and killing four people after fleeing the country to avoid more trouble. A teenager is back on U.S. soil to face a judge.

FOX's Gurnal Scott has the story:

Ethan Couch was received by Texas authorities after his deportation from Mexico. The so-called 'affluenza teen' evaded police with his mother for weeks. She was arrested last month.

Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson says this is what authorities have hoped for:

(Anderson) "Where we have them both here and back under the jurisdiction of the court system here and we're hoping that the day comes as I've always said that justice is done for those families."

A judge will decide if Couch will be held at a juvenile or adult facility or be released prior to a hearing next month which will determine if Couch violated his probation, which could mean prison time.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.