Tracy Morgan is returning to the road for a stand up tour and the comedian will be hitting some familiar spots.

FOX's Michelle Pollino reports:

'Picking Up the Pieces' the Tracy Morgan stand-up tour officially launches Feb. 5 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana.

The tour will continue through May and among the three stops in New Jersey, Morgan is playing at a New Brunswick Theater about 20 miles from where the accident that put him in a coma for two weeks occurred.

But Morgan says he is in a good place. He recently joked about being in a coma on NBC's 'Tonight Show congratulating Fallon on beating Letterman in the ratings.

(Morgan) "He's not here no more? (Fallon) No, no, no, I'll tell you later. (Morgan) I like that dude. (Fallon) No he was good. (Morgan) I'm going back in a coma... I'm going back Jimmy..."

Michelle Pollino, FOX News.