Asylum seekers told to wear wristbands to make them easily identifiable in a controversial move in Britain.

FOX's Simon Owen reports from London:

Abdu Semed Shibly Ibrahim says he and other asylum seekers in Cardiff, Wales, were told they must wear red wristbands if they want to claim meals:

(Ibrahim) "Everyone see us when we go in the street, it's different from other people like that."

Campaigners likening the bands to something out of Nazi Germany. Local lawmaker Jo Stevens among those unhappy:

(Stevens) "Most of the people in the hostel in my constituency have come from Syria. They don't want to be readily identifiable."

The private company providing asylum seeker accommodation insisting wristbands were simply a practical choice, but in the face of criticism they will now be scrapped.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News.