The latest FOX Polls have the standing GOP front-runner out in front in two key primary states.

FOX's Carl Cameron reports from Des Moines, Iowa:

One week to the first in the nation leadoff caucuses in Iowa for the 2016 Presidential race and Donald Trump leads the latest FOX News Poll in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz is a solid second and the only other candidate in double digits is Marco Rubio.

Historically the Iowa caucuses have had "three tickets out of Iowa" on to the New Hampshire primary a week later.

Cruz and Trump are locked in a nasty battle that's likely to go right down to the wire in Iowa. Rubio's hoping that their battle may cause one of them to falter so severely that he can move up.

Thursday will be the final debate hosted by FOX News Channel in Des Moines before the caucuses come Monday.

In Des Moines, Carl Cameron, FOX News.