It's a popular stop this campaign season; the late night television couch. Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio appearing on the 'Tonight Show' Thursday.

FOX's Tom Graham reports:

Republican Marco Rubio expressing concern about the reception he'd get while sitting down with NBC 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon:

(Rubio) "You don't boo anybody..."

Rubio striking an optimistic tone ahead of voting in Iowa and New Hamphire:

(Rubio) "Cause we're going to do real well there. I feel good about it."

The GOP hopeful and Fallon joked about family, Rubio's infamous heeled-boots that have been made a punchline on the campaign trail as well as what happens if the Florida Senator fails to win White House:

(Rubio) "I want to be like Commissioner of the NFL, which is more powerful than President sometimes."

Rubio joining other hopefuls Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in making a 'Tonight Show' appearance.

Tom Graham, FOX News.