Are your kids over-scheduled?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports on how to tell if they have too much on their plate:

Many kids today have jam-packed schedules:

(Jameson) "It's kind of a culture of do it all and be it all."

And parent-expert and psychologist Dr. Kelly Jameson says there's no blanket rule for how much is too much:

(Jameson) "Because everyone's wired differently."

Some kids can handle multiple sports and schoolwork, others can't... So watch for warning signs of stress and anxiety. Physical symptoms like stomach aches or headaches for younger kids, behavioral if they're older:

(Jameson) "They start to kind of pull away, withdraw, meltdowns, or they're more emotional, tearful, that's a good indication you have a child who's being asked to do too much."

It's a positive sign if they're eating and sleeping well and still spending time with friends.

Dr. Jameson also urges parents be flexible for growth:

(Jameson) "A child that really loved to be by himself in sixth grade maybe in eighth grade requires a little more social stimulation."

Her bottom line: Communicate, know how much your child can handle what their spark is and how they re-charge.

If they don't what to do with free time, that may be a sign they need more of it.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.