Looking for a career change? A new list of the best jobs in America.

FOX's Lisa Lacerra reports:

The average American worker will change jobs almost 12 times before age 50. The recruiting company GlassDoor.com putting together a list of the best jobs in America.

How'd they do it?

(Chamberlain) "First, one of the highest paying jobs. Second, what jobs have the most job openings so you actually have a chance at getting these jobs. And third, is we looked at crowd source reviews at which jobs have the best career opportunities."

Glass-Door chief economist Andrew Chamberlain... The top job, Data Scientist:

(Chamberlain) "We used to call them statisticians, but they're the people who crunch the numbers and help companies make great decisions."

Tax Manager and Solutions Architect rounding out the top three.

Lisa Lacerra, FOX News.