Gas prices are down again, but not by much.

FOX's Pam Puso has more:

Prices at the gas pump down by a penny over the last three weeks:

(Lundberg) "The average price for regular is now $2.05."

Independent oil analyst Trilby Lundberg... Here's the reason:

(Lundberg) "There's not only a lower Crude Oil prices, but high inventory of gasoline. Refinery's are running at high rates for this time of year." 

And prices could dip even further:

(Lundberg) "We do have the lowest prices in nearly seven years and we might break that by a few more cents per gallon in coming days."

The current price $2.05 is 15 cents less than at this time last year. Drivers in Los Angeles are paying the most, $3.01 and the least, $1.64 in St. Louis.

Pam Puso, FOX News.