"This to me is one of the most insidious arguments that has enveloped the left.... This is a new disease of the left, which is Islamophobia will result en-masse if we ever tell the truth about Muslim and murder. There is an old rule, if you don't identify the problem, you can't solve it. If we are going to continue to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with violence by Muslims then its inexplicable what the answer is if we are always going to deny it. People around the world are beginning to realize this is a clash of civilizations. You cannot deny the connection and this denial is a real danger."

---NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin on the danger of the left refusing to tell the truth about Muslims & murder

NY Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss President Obama's town hall on gun control, something Goodwin gives Obama credit for because he was willing to take questions from Americans who are opposed to his executive order. Goodwin also spoke about Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney refusing to blame Islam for the actions of a shooter who pledged his allegiance to ISIS after shooting a Philly police officer. Goodwin believes the left's refusal to tell the truth when it comes to Muslims and murder is a real danger.

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