Two girls who went missing in Kansas have been found in a custody battle that once played out on national TV.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

Sydney and Dani Wolferts disappeared in Utah in July 2014, then early Sunday:

(Martinez) "Got a report called in that the two Wolferts girls and their mother were at that home."

That's where Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez says the teenagers were found and their mother Michelle was taken into custody:

(Martinez) "They won't say anything, so we can't really jump to conclusions as to what they do or don't want."

The girls older sister Brittany claims:

(Wolferts) "They ran away because my dad has been an abuser for our entire lives."

He denies that and the girls will be returned to his custody in Kansas...

Brian Wolferts told Doctor Phil on TV that Michelle is behind those allegations. She's charged with custodial interference and other misdemeanors.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.