Crunch time for Christmas shopping, but what if you already know Santa's not bringing that special gift?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

It's painful, as a parent, when you just can't afford or can't get the gift your child wants most. Parenting expert Gigi Schweikert suggests preparing them for limits.

(Schweikert) "You don't get necessarily, no matter how you act, or no matter how much money we have or don't have, get everything on your list."

She also says, let go of the guilt of materialism and be proud of what you can provide.

(Schweikert) "What you have doesn't define you, or your children or the fun that you can have."

The COO of Lightbridge Academy, says learning the difference between wants and needs can help them make better choices later. Though all the ads and social media don't help.

(Schweikert) "They're posting what they have, where they go, how they look. And so that big gift is a part of that social media game."

But she says when they look back on their childhood...

(Schweikert) "It won't be a certain gift -- one that you got or one that you didn't. It's about family traditions. It's about what did you do together on that holiday."

...the food, the games and stores you share... Not what they unwrap.

With FOX On Family, I'm Lisa Brady.