How to protect your home from fire this holiday season... and all year long.

FOX's Joy Piazza reports:

The winter months tend to have more home fires and Lorraine Carli with the National Fire Protection Association, says some of the risk comes with holiday decorating.

(Carli) "In terms of not stringing too many light strings together, not overloading sockets. Candles are in use this time of year so make sure that they're away from anything that can burn."

They also suggest having heating systems and fireplaces checked. But cooking in general is the leading cause of home fires. The best way to prevent it: Don't leave the stove unattended.

(Carli) "Particularly if you have things on the stove top that you're frying."

The biggest life saver, early warning -- smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries at least once a year, test them monthly, and get the ones hard-wired to your home if you can.

(Carli) "We also recommend that people have smoke alarms that are interconnected so that if one sounds they all sound."

Also make and practice a home escape plan with two ways out of each room and a safe-distance meeting place outside.

With FOX On Family, I'm Joy Piazza.