The Adeline Wilford Murder – Episode 1

Hi, Lis Wiehl here, and we’re back with another very intriguing murder case! In this Wiehl of Justice podcast series, we’re going to investigate the twists and turns of the Adeline Wilford murder.

Investigators were baffled for years over the brutal killing of 64-year old Easton, MD resident Adeline Wilford. There just weren’t enough solid leads to make any arrests. A break in the case came after over a dozen years had passed, which resulted in three men being arrested, tried and convicted. Two of the three were sentenced to life in prison.

Recently, however, some new evidence has come to light that could possibly exonerate the incarcerated men. That’s where The Innocence Project has gotten involved, with its mission of trying to get the convictions of these men overturned.

So are the imprisoned men the actual murderers? Or does this new evidence point to someone else? It’s a fascinating story that Wiehl of Justice will explore in-depth in episodes to come. But as always, we need to start at the beginning!

Here’s Episode 1:

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