Police in a Central Florida town continue to search for a woman who posted online a picture of her dog with his muzzle taped shut, in punishment for excessive barking, on potential animal cruelty charges.

FOX News' Eben Brown reports from Miami:

Police in South Daytona, Florida, are overrun with tips about Katie Brown, the woman whose social media picture of her dog, with his snout taped shut has caused a fury...

Even Tyler Stover with the nearby Halifax Animal Shelter says it's moved people...

(Stover) "It did bring a few additional people to the shelter and we've been able to find homes for more animals than usual."

And to the point police in a few Connecticut towns have been fielding calls from residents who say Brown had been residing there. Those investigators say they're sure the incident took place out of their state.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News.