What's the hold up with self-driving cars hitting the roads? Right now they're in a testing phase. And one of the main companies behind the tech wants California's DMV to get on with it already.

FOX News' Jessica Rosenthal has more:

Google's reportedly been wondering what's up with the DMV's rules for autonomous cars... They were supposed to be ready to go months ago... The DMV has said safety is their concern and there are other state agencies that need to weigh in on this.

They're hoping by the end of the year to have a set of draft rules ready to consider. One of the big concerns is hacking and the cyber security of these driverless cars. Another is a report from Google and others indicating how many times during testing vehicles just disengaged off self-driving mode without meaning to.

Google says the cars have been tested in autonomous mode for over one million miles and they've had 17 accidents for which none of their cars were at fault.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.