(AP Photo/John Locher)
(AP Photo/John Locher)

Bernie Sanders leads in New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton remains the far and away the front-runner nationally, according to a newly released FOX News Poll.

FOX News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports from Washington:

Clinton is leading the pack among likely Democrat voters, with 45% support, followed by Bernie Sanders who's pulling 25%. Joe Biden, who's not yet announced a run, is in third place with 19% support.

The three other announced candidates, Jim Webb, Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee, each have 1% or less.

While Biden trails Clinton, the FOX Poll results show he looks more electable against top Republicans.

In Washington, Rachel Sutherland, FOX News Radio.

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off for the first time tonight in a Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland has more:

Clinton and Sanders will be joined by Jim Webb, Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee at the 8:30 pm eastern CNN debate. Last night, Clinton stopped by a union rally in Las Vegas ... speaking right in front of a Trump hotel....

(Clinton) "I don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women."

But the Republican front-runner insists:

(Trump) "I will be the best thing that could happen to women."

In a bit of a debate cliffhanger, CNN has a sixth podium ready to go, just in case Joe Biden announces a run at the last second, and shows up.

Rachel Sutherland, FOX News Radio.