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“The Future is Now | Back to The Future II (two) | Pepsi Perfect.” 

Remember the date Marty McFly is sent to a futuristic Hill Valley? Well, it’s October 21st. 2015. Yep. The future really is now. And Pepsi is marking the occasion by releasing limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles as featured in the film.

Set in an 80’s inspired future, this trending ad borrows elements from Back to the Future II, including a hover board, self-lacing sneakers and glimpses of a movie theater showing… “Jaws 19”, which also happens to be a thing online.

“Jaws 19 – Trailer” is a fake preview from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The spoof pokes fun at the movie industry’s love affair with sequels, while elaborating on the film concept teased in Back to the Future two. Apparently, this is a pivotal year in the space time continuum. Back to The Future is also celebrating 30 years since its 1985 original movie release.

Speaking of trailers…

“Honest Trailers – Aladdin.”

The folks at Honest Trailers are at it again, this time taking aim at the beloved Disney film and after watching this clip, viewers will never think of the squeaking clean film the same way again. Talk about a whole new world.

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