We decided to take a break from our research on our next case so we can look back on this 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson verdict.

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Many of us remember exactly where we were when the verdict came down. Most of the nation was gluedto the television screen waiting to hear a guilty or not guilty verdict. The reaction to the verdict could be heard through the halls of our offices, homes, and college campuses.

We are sitting down with media analysts, reporters, anchors, members of the defense team, and a witness to look back on that trial and that time of their life.This was a career making and life changing experience for everyoneinvolved in the trial in some way.

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Howard Kurtz currently serves as host of Fox News Channel’s (FNC) “MediaBuzz.” Based in Washington, D.C., he joined the network in July 2013 and debuted on “Special Report with Bret Baier” to discuss the media’s coverage of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Kurtz, a veteran journalist and renowned media reporter, had been the host of CNN’s weekly media criticism program, “Reliable Sources,” since 1998. He had also served as the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for The Daily Beast and Newsweek writing on the intersection of politics and media. Prior to that role, Kurtz spent 29 years at The Washington Post in various capacities. He became the media reporter for the paper in 1990 and wrote the weekly Media Notes column, one of the most widely read media columns. Kurtz joined The Washington Post in 1981, after being hired by Bob Woodward, and went on to serve as a Justice Department and congressional reporter, New York bureau chief and deputy national editor before covering the media beat as a reporter, columnist and blogger.