Questions are being raised over how evidence was handled in the investigation into the alleged rape of a woman by a Chicago Blackhawks player.

FOX News Radio's Rich Denison reports:

An attorney for the woman accusing Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane of rape claims there have been numerous leaks about DNA and other evidence in the case, also saying evidence has been mishandled.

(Eoannoua) "The rape kit evidence bag was anonymously delivered to the home of my client's mother."

Thomas Eoannou asking for an FBI probe.

Kane's attorney Paul Cambria doesn't believe there's anything wrong with the evidence, adding the results exonerate his client.

(Cambria) "My client is not going to get hurt by a lab technician who says that his DNA is not present."

The case stems from an alleged incident at Kane's off-season home near Buffalo, New York, in early August.

Kane has not been charged.

Rich Denison, FOX News Radio