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“Racoon swims in pool.”

Yep. Those are their names. Willie and Waylon. A pair of raccoons who appear to be kept as pets and what pampered pets they are… Relaxing poolside instead of picking through garbage like their wild brethren. Curious Willie even takes a dip and does some laps, while his concerned counterpart tries to pull him out.

As we sit poolside and fire up the grill, clinging to the last official calendar days of summer, check out this next trending clip with some tips to impress at the next cook-out.

“SKIN A WATERMELON party trick.” 

Forget fruit shaped like flowers or carved into freaky sculptures. This video teaches viewers how to make a watermelon look like a hard boiled egg. And it’s pretty cool. By carefully removing the rind from one watermelon and gutting another, simply insert the first watermelon inside the carved out rind of the second, and there it is… A skinned watermelon. A clever way to step up the wow factor.

Now, if that party trick failed to impress, then you may have a lot in common with this grizzly bear.

“GoPro: Grizzly Bear Slap.”

GoPro explores nature, yet again, but this time nature isn’t having it. Footage from the camera captures an Alaskan grizzly bear checking out the device and after pawing around the contraption, slapping the high tech gadget with a massive paw. In ‘Grizzly’ speak, that probably means no pictures, please.

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