Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Ballerina Wedding: Surprise Groomsmen Dance.”

It seems the Internet hasn’t grown tired of overly choreographed wedding dance routines. I know right. But, this video… takes the wedding cake. Set to a medley of songs, the groom – who happens to be a professional dancer, performs an elaborate routine for his ballerina bride. Twinkle toes and his back up brigade of groomsmen wow the reception hall… which just so happens to be a stage where the couple have performed together, while the blushing bride appears surprised. But honestly, how much shock value could there really have been? They’re both professional dancers.

Speaking of dancing… and, shock value…

“Pikachu event 2015 — line dance.”

If you love Pokémon, this is the video for you. Multiple dancers wearing what appears to be a very uncomfortable Pikachu costume, perform a cute dance routine under a clear blue sky. Between the bright yellow costumes and the awkwardly adorable dance moves, this video is electrifyingly happy.

Rip Torn, however, seems less than amused… reprising his role as “Zed” in this airline safety parody video…

“Men in Black Safety Defenders #AirNZSafetyVideo.”

Air New Zealand jumps the shark in this “Men in Black” spoof, featuring professional rugby players dressed as MIB agents, covering the Will Smith song featured in the sci- flick… from 1997. While the overproduced video is going viral, some viewers might wish for a neuralyzer.

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