VIRAL VIDEOS: Little Girl With Cancer Gets Married To Her Favorite Hospital Nurse

(YouTube / Clinton Lingren)
(YouTube / Clinton Lingren)

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“Little girl with cancer gets married to her favorite hospital nurse.”

In this touching video, a four-year-old girl who is battling Leukemia marries her favorite male nurse in a mock ceremony pulled off by the compassionate staff at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers. Little Abby walks down a rose petal isle, carrying a small bouquet wearing a wedding dress and paper face mask. A chorus of nurses serve as bridesmaids. Donning a tuxedo tee-shirt and scrubs, her pseudo groom Matt, hugs her. The little bride smiles broadly, as the team at Albany Medical Center make her wish come true.

While the Internet can help restore one’s faith in humanity, it can also be a vast wasteland of… weirdness.

“Jurassic Park High Heels Edition (Parody).”

Taking stabs at the beloved dinosaur movies with barbs sharper than a stiletto, this viral video takes the pointed comments about Jurassic World‘s high heel wearing heroine as fodder for this spoof, that digitally inserts pumps onto various Jurassic Park characters… and dinosaurs. From Jeff Goldblum wearing knee high red boots, to the T-Rex in platforms, the clip is a strong dose of snarky fun.

And speaking of movies, the latest trailer for the upcoming James Bond flick is out and it’s action packed.

“NEW SPECTRE TRAILER” gives a fuller glimpse into the 24th James Bond movie. Daniel Craig reprises his role as agent 007, who tries to track down a mysterious organization. The movie hits theaters this fall.

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