‘Soul Man’ Sam Moore is Getting Patriotic on Latest Album

FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin chats with Sam Moore in this “FOX Celebrity Profile”:

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy winning ‘Soul Man’ singer Sam Moore is releasing a new album called ‘An American Patriot,’ a collection inspired by his performance of ‘America the Beautiful’ on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Working with his producer Rudy Perez, Moore put his own rendition on tunes like ‘God Bless the USA’ and ‘Show for You’:

(Moore) “I don’t want to just sing a patriotic song and what’s so different about it? It just sounds like everybody else. And he said Sam, you sing it, I’ll worry about the rest of it. And I said okay Rudy.”

Moore performed outside in chilly Washington before the the inauguration of President Trump and he spoke about the experience:

(Moore) “I had my foot placed on top of MLK. That’s where he did ‘I Have a Dream,’ oh my God and right behind me was Lincoln. Can you imagine?”

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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