The month you were born in could be linked to your health; we take a look at a new study. Also in this week's "Housecall for Health": a link between your genes and your smile, virtual doctors, and abortion rates are on the decline.

FOX News Radio's Pam Wentworth reports in "Housecall for Health":

Birth Month-Disease Associations Discovered Using SeaWAS (n = 16)
EHR Condition in SeaWAS Birth Month Risk
High Low
Cardiovascular (n = 9)
Atrial fibrillation March October
Essential hypertension January October
Congestive cardiac failure March October
Angina April September
Cardiac complications of care April September
Cardiomyopathy January September
Pre-infarction syndrome June October
Chronic myocardial ischemia April November
Mitral valve disorder March November
EHR Condition in SeaWAS Birth Month Risk
High Low
Other (n = 7)
Acute upper respiratory infection October May
Bruising December April
Nonvenomous insect bite October February
Venereal disease screening October June
Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate March October
Malignant neoplasm of overlapping lesion of bronchus and lung February November
Vomiting September January

SOURCE: Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association | For a full expanded view of this chart and study click here


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