I’m Lis Wiehl, legal analyst at FOX News Channel. But one of my real passions is murder mysteries! The Wiehl of Justice podcast is going to take you on the road and behind the scenes as we look into all the details surrounding big murder mysteries in the hopes that we can find out what really happened!

Our first podcast series will deal with the Cal Harris story that’s still being adjudicated in Tioga County, NY.

Here’s a very quick backdrop:

Michele Harris was a beautiful young woman when she married Calvin Harris – a funny and outgoing man of means. Cal Harris grew up in a prominent business family and owned several car dealerships. If you look at early photos of this family, you’d be looking at what appears to be the perfect family: a happy couple with four beautiful kids. And according to a former nanny for the Harris’, it really was a fairy tale complete with the 252-acre estate that the family lived on.

But it’s clear that this was not always a perfect or happy marriage. And Michele Harris wanted out. Michele went missing on September 11, 2001 (yes, that September 11), and one of the first persons of interest was Calvin Harris. But despite all the years and extensive searching, neither a body nor a weapon has ever been found, which has left people close to Michele and authorities with questions as to what happened to her.

This is the first murder mystery we’re going to try and help unravel on the Wiehl of Justice podcast, and you can participate, too!

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Take a listen to my podcast introduction below for more details about this very intriguing story, and our podcast mission. Thanks for investigating with me!