A teacher suspended over a controversial class project speaks out.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo reports:

The New Jersey teacher whose third grade class wrote 'get well' letters to a convicted cop killer making her first public remarks since being suspended.

(Zuniga) "It's been very very emotional. It's been a hard time. I miss my students as much as they miss me."

Marylin Zuniga who'd also tweeted about the class' correspondence with former Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal followed by #FreeMumia saying she'd made a mistake learned from it.

Also explaining that the kids, who did not know what Mumia had done, were the ones who said they'd like to write to him when she told them he was ill.

The widow of the officer Mumia killed says Zuniga needs to know that what she is doing is so wrong.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.