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Thursday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader about his new book, Return To Sender, which is a collection of all the letters Nader has written over the years to different Presidents of the United States (and some First Ladies too). He expressed to Alan why it's essential for all citizens to reach out to politicians and let them know what's important to them in their community and the issues they care about.

Nader also discussed the 2016 race, including who he would like to see running for President, what he thinks about the GOP field, and a few criticisms of the way Hillary Clinton announced she was running for President:

NADER: She blew the one of three opportunities to reach the whole country that a Presidential candidate has: The announcement, the primary win, and the speech to the convention of the party. And she blew it by this social media, by this tepid type, contrived video. COLMES: So you're saying she should have announced differently? NADER: She should have announced with a platform, this is her second run, she ought to know what she believes in. She's a corportist, a miliatrist, doesn't want to upset Wall Street. ********* COLMES: So she should have had more specific policy ideas when she announced is what you're saying? NADER: Yeah, she could have announced as a leader instead of a wimp. You know with a van, maybe she was dialing for dollars as the van was heading to Iowa. Does she think the American people are fools? It's just another rerun of the Clinton con job on the American people. We need new entries, new candidates, not just former Senators or Governors. We need people from all over the country, we need to open it up, competition is good. COLMES: Did you call Hillary Clinton a wimp? NADER: Her announcement was wimpy.