A young Philadelphia girl is making headlines for her independence.

FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers explains:

A four-year-old Philadelphia girl wasn't about to let the time of day...Uh...Night...Or lack of transportation stand in her way of what she wanted.

So, at 3am she slipped out of her home and climbed aboard a city bus, pajamas and all.

(Jennifer) "She hunched her shoulders and was like 'all I want is a slushie'... it was so cute how she said it, you know."

That's Harlan Jenifer, the driver who picked her up.

(Jennifer) Aw, man, I was like -- you gotta be kidding me, you know, not this time of night."

He pulled the bus over and called police, who reunited her with her parents...Who didn't know she'd left the house.

Did she *get* the slushie?

(Jennifer) "I don't know, but I that said to the police as they were putting her in the front seat of the patrol car -- I said make sure you get her a slushie."

Her mom did get her one because... When you gotta have a slushie, you gotta have a slushie.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.