(AP Photo/Felicia Fonseca)
(AP Photo/Felicia Fonseca)

It doesn't take an international ring of cyber terrorists to hack into private information, and not all hacking targets are large global conglomerates. One lonely criminal could pull off the hack of your life, literally, by stealing your identity.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports: 

Cyber INSecurity.

For years Amy Krebs has been contesting thousands in debt run-up by somebody who stole her identity.

(Krebs) "It has been the most frustrating ordeal I have ever been though in my life."

She's unsure how it happened. For many of us, a simple hacking of our smartphones would be enough. Engadget managing editor Terrence O'Brien says manufactures have stepped up:

(O'Brien) "There's all sorts of tools for remotely locking, remotely wiping your phone."

But, Krebs reminds your information doesn't need to be digital to be stolen:

(Krebs) "Think of the places that have requested your personal information. Maybe doctor's offices?"

I'm Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

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