(AP Photo/The Daily Herald, Sammy Jo Hester)
(AP Photo/The Daily Herald, Sammy Jo Hester)

Did a little girl who survived a car crash have a guardian angel?

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony explains: 

The crash happened in Utah late Friday night. A young mother's car went off a bridge... 14 hours later, it was found overturned in the Spanish Fork River, and police officer Tyler Beddoes says he clearly heard:

(Beddoes) "A voice saying, help us, help me."

But, when rescuers got there -- the mother was dead.

Lynn Groesbeck had drowned and her 18-month-old daughter was unconscious.

No one else was in the car. But, Beddoes says he wasn't alone, hearing a woman's cries for help... 

(Beddoes) "When we all talked together I said, was I the only one that's hearing this, thinking I was hearing things... and, when I talked to the other officers we all had heard the same thing." 

They rescued little Lily, who was dangling upside down in her car seat with the frigid water just inches from her head. She's recovering in a hospital.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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