Scott Taylor book

Scott Taylor, author of "Trust Betrayed: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Selling Out of America's National Security" spoke with Brian about his new book, the verdict in the murder of Chris Kyle and President Obama's failed policies in the Middle East.

Taylor, a former military sniper himself, gave his take on the Kyle trial, telling Brian it is good to see justice was served. When asked if it is unusual to take a person to a gun range who may be suffering from PTSD, Taylor explained to Brian that it is not unusual to take a soldier suffering from PTSD to the gun range because the use of guns was a part of their way of life in the military and going to the range helps them acclimate to civilian life.

Turning to the book, Taylor said his book discusses how members of the Obama administration gave up top secret information on the operation that killed bin Laden to members of Hollywood, something Taylor believes was done to help make President Obama look strong in an election year.

PLUS: Taylor gives his opinion on what he believes are President Obama's failed policies in the Middle East and why they are putting America's security at risk.

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