General Keane: President Obama’s # 1 Goal In the Middle-East Is Not Stopping ISIS—It Is To Make a Deal with Iran

Iran Obama

General Jack Keane (Ret), discussed with Brian the latest on President Obama’s strategy against ISIS. Keane said ISIS is now the face of radical Islam, adding, other radical Islamists see ISIS as a success story and are more willing to join their cause. When asked about those who want other nations in the Middle East to lead the fight against ISIS, Keane said that America must take the leadership position in order to defeat ISIS. Keane explained that the only path to defeat ISIS is to have a decisive ground force, something he doesn’t think Obama will do. Keane said the biggest question facing the Obama administration is whether or not the local forces in Iraq have the ability to retake the lost territory ISIS has gained in the last year.

Turning to Syria, Gen. Keane believes the reason President Obama will not lift a finger against Syrian President Assad is because Iran has propped up Assad and Obama is afraid to cause any backlash with Iran that may ruin a potential nuclear deal. Keane added that in his opinion, President Obama’s number one goal in the Middle East is to strike a deal with Iran on their nuclear program instead of defeating ISIS and stopping the spread of terrorism.

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