NY Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, told Brian that when President Obama is golfing, he is doing the least harm to America. Goodwin said when you look at President Obama's domestic and foreign policies, you would be hard pressed to name a single thing that is working or is generally accepted as a good policy by mainstream economists or intelligence or military people. Goodwin said the fallout from our weakness abroad has led to us being encircled not just by terrorists but from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Goodwin was struck that ISIS mentioned the Crusades as justification for the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians. Goodwin asked, "Who else mentioned the crusades lately? Who else used the Crusaded as an excuse? President Obama, he brought up the Crusades as a reason we shouldn't criticize Islam!" Goodwin told Brian that ISIS is echoing President Obama by using the Crusades as justification for terrorism.

Goodwin said there is a potentially large coalition ready to fight ISIS but President Obama does not want to lead it. Goodwin points out that democracies expanded dramatically after World War II because America set the tone and example of freedom, leading other nations to follow America's lead.

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