(AP File Photo)
(AP File Photo)

It's an 'old school' way of thinking about the 2016 election. A new FOX News Poll tells us what voters really think about the potential candidates for President.

FOX News Radio's Gurnal Scott reports:

This report card, if you will, on the presumed candidates tells a bit of a different story about voters' opinions.

Using the letter grades, none of the candidates -- Democrat or Republican -- gets an "A".

FOX News Polling Director Dana Blanton says the opinions found are even lower.

(Blanton) "No candidate even receives an average "B" grading... so what we're kind of finding here is voters think the 2016 field is just average."

Among each party, Democrats still highly favor Hillary Clinton. As for the GOP, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gets the highest letter grade -- even though Jeb Bush leads most national surveys.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News Radio.