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It's like a nightmare come true -- a huge snake found coming out of a toilet in California.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

It is still a mystery in San Diego what happened Tuesday in the bathroom of a downtown office:

(Lasca) "I noticed that the water level was up a little higher than normal."

But when Stephanie Lasca tried to fix the toilet:

(Lasca) "I noticed that something's coming out -- saw the flicker of the snake's tongue."

And she is petrified of snakes:

(Lasca) "I booked it out of there -- plunger still in hand -- and screamed all the way to my desk."

But when Lasca called her marketing firm partner over:

(Wells) "I absolutely didn't believe her."

Then Holly Wells saw the nearly six foot long boa for herself in the toilet and:

(Wells) "Shut the door -- taped it shut -- and then scream and ran."

Animal services came over and took the snake. They don't know how it got there and are looking for whoever might own it.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.