(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)
(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

Securing America.

As early as May, there was strong and specific information about the location of the American and British hostages in Syria — a source close to the discussions tells FOX News. 

But, the rescue mission was not signed off until early July, because the administration wanted the intelligence to build up further before acting. 

In a recent interview, Diane Foley, whose son James was beheaded by ISIS in August, told Greta Van Susteren their family also believes specific information was available long before a rescue was attempted.

(Diane Foley) “It was too late, Greta. It was much too late, dear.” 

But, the timeline conflicts with administration claims that the White House signed off on the operation, as soon as the intelligence allowed.

In Washington, Catherine Herridge, FOX News Radio. 

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