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The new Chevy Volt and a "sort of" leasing option for the new Tesla S.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso with the latest "Fox Wheels":

When the next-generation Chevy Volt makes its market debut in January, it'll feature an all-new electric propulsion system, says Chevy's Andrew Farah, improving...

(Farah) "The electric range - the fuel economy. And we're going to improve the perforance."

Current combined range is about 380 miles and expect...

(Farah) "An all new interior - and exterior."

But we'll have to wait to see it. The new Volt's styling is one of the auto worlds best-kept secrets.

We know what the Ford Focus Electric looks like. And it's gotten a $6,000 price cut for 2014-2015 models coupled with the federal tax credit. The starting price of the Focus Electric around $22,000.

Sticker price for the new Tesla S around $71,000. But the company unveiling a option through U.S. bank, allowing buyers in the U.S. to return the car within three months if they're not satisfied. A "short term lease". The new Tesla S begins hitting the road next month.

That's FOX Wheels, I'm Jeff Monosso.

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