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HOUR 1 Radio host and author of "Hands off My Gun" DANA LOESCH weighed in on the mid-terms and gun control.  Dana told Brian talked about the midterms and how the GOP is looking good except that Kentucky is an odd race because Grimes is running on her family's legacy.  The Dems are also hoping that Elizabeth Warren will help Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.  Dana also believes that she is the populist princess and that the Dems will run either Warren or Hillary in 2016.

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Brian talked about her book and guns and how she feels that the 2nd Amendment is squarely in the court of the pro-gun crowd.   There are already processes in place that are there to keep guns away from those that are mentally unfit and that we don't need to write more laws.  If the laws are followed properly we won't have any problems.

Columnist and author MARK STEYN checked in and talked about the mid-term elections.  Mark talked about Obama claiming that although he isn't on the ballots, his agenda is.  Mark feels that everything revolves around him and that it's the Barack Obama show and ISIS of Ebola was just a minor character, just a side show.  Mark also explained that he won't try to save his legacy because he believes he is his own legacy.

HOUR 2 Lt. Col. JOHN NAGL (Retired Army) and author "Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory and Practice" dropped in and talked about the new Iraqi Foreign minister and how he wants no foreign fighters to take on ISIS.  He is very sectarian and inclusive and using whatever he can to get military support for his country.  The Lt. Col. said that the new Prime Minister of Iraq met with Iran and after that meeting said he wants no foreign troops on the ground although he believes that Iran has troops there helping out.  He also explained that he is in talks with Iran because he is not sure that America will be there quick enough to save Baghdad.  The Lt. Col. went on to talk about how ISIS is actually a de facto state that is collecting taxes, refining and selling oil from Syria and Iraq.

On Kobani he explained that it is not militarily significant but in the information war it is critically important.  Lt. Col. Nagl also talked about helping General Pitreaus develop the insurgency that helped turn the tide of the war and save American lives.  He also talked about the next step in war including robots that will be able to make shoot and no shoot decisions, and drones helping destroy the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Lt. Col. also said that if we do the same thing in Afghanistan in 2016 that we did in Iraq we will run into the problems.

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Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about the Turks finally allowing the Iraqi Kurds to use a corridor into Kobani to help Syrian Kurds in their fight against ISIS.  Jennifer explained that once Obama said that we were going to start dropping arms to the Kurds Turkey realized that we were serious and felt they would be in trouble with NATO.   The fact that the Kurds are still asking for help from the west although they have been betrayed by us many times is very telling and maybe we should let Iran support the Iraqi government while we team up with just the Kurds.


HOUR 3 MORGAN SPURLOCK & ADAM DAVIDSON executive producers of "We the Economy Series", go to to view all of the films, dropped by to provide knowledge of what we should know about how things are run and how it all affects our daily lives. They also explained that the economic growth that the U.S. has had all these years is not going to continue in the future because of the global economy.  They also talked about the latest trend of getting television content online and how the public will benefit from better content.

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The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, talked about the midterms and how many Democratic candidates are trying to distance themselves from President Obama and many of his issues.  Gretchen believes that most Democratic candidates are with a lot of his agenda but against his handling of ISIS, the Ebola crisis, the handling and roll out of Obamacare and his Middle East policy.