VIRAL VIDEOS: Global Be(er) Responsible Day “Friends Are Waiting” Budweiser

(YouTube / budweiser)
(YouTube / budweiser)

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Global Be(er) Responsible Day | ‘Friends Are Waiting’ | Budweiser.”

This beer commercial doubles as a “Don’t Drink and Drive” PSA, using a dog to pull on viewers heartstrings. The video shows a guy leaving his faithful yellow Lab home, for a night out with friends. The dog becomes increasingly nervous and worried as the hours tick by and there’s no sign of his master. Until the next morning, when the front door opens and out pops the faithful pooch’s owner, who decided to do the right thing.

The point — There is always someone waiting for you. Don’t drink and drive.

Then, there’s this:

“German Shepherd Throws a Fit When She Has to Quit Swimming.”

Move over cats. Dogs are leading the pack this week when it comes to viral video trends and this canine clip features a stubborn German Shepherd, who throws a tantrum rivaling any human toddler… when told it’s time to stop swimming in a lake.

Sounds like this pup needs a time out.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Panic! At the Disco ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (LIVE).”

While it’s not Freddy Mercury’s vocals… rock group Panic! At the Disco performs a surprisingly good cover of Queen’s iconic song during a recent live concert. Showcasing musical maturity and range, the angsty rock group known for such ditty’s as, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies,”does justice covering the beloved classic rock song, sending the audience into a frenzy and gaining popularity online for their respectful rendition.

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