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Former DOJ Official & DOJ Whistle Blower J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS talked about how coming up for a successor for Eric Holder will be a battle.  He said the difference between him and all the other AG's was that he doesn't follow the law and was very political.  He also used the race card whenever he got into hot water and was called on it.  Christian called it cowardly to use the race card whenever someone disagrees with you.


Fox and Friends co-host ELISABETH HASSELBECK checked in and talked about Jeter's final season and said that the 162 game salute was not overdone because you stretch it out for someone who meant so much to the game.  Elisabeth and Brian also talked about the President and his halfhearted decision to attack ISIS and not really going after them hard.  They also talked about the NFL's Redskins name and the clamor to change the name.  Elisabeth believes that they will be forced to make a change some time in the future because of all the house cleaning the NFL has to do.

HOUR 2 Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) dropped by the studio and talked about Eric Holder resigning.  Col. Allen said that he is not America's lawyer and he manipulated the law to fit his political agenda.  The Colonel also explained that the trouble Holder was always getting into was because he was actually doing the President's work for him so he wouldn't be taking the heat.

Col. West also explained that President Obama has bombed 7 different countries and has never gone to Congress to get authority for all the military action.  What is going on now in Iraq and Syria is not a strategic or comprehensive air campaign. He also believes that the President is trying to let these airstrikes fade out and slowly go away, like he does with everything he doesn't agree with.

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Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and said that he was not surprised about the announcement by Eric Holder and the timing is not surprising because it puts in motion the selection of the nominee and they will be able to push anyone through.  They are waiting to do this right after the mid-term elections because the Democrats running for office won't have to get behind a nominee that is too liberal.

HOUR 3 USAF (Ret) Lt Gen Richard Newton weighed in on our airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  General Newton explained that we need to stay in charge of the air campaign and the overall campaign with Arab nation Boots on the Ground, but that we should never take that option of the table for us.

The General believes we can be successful and that it has been an effective campaign so far.  We may not be bombing 24 hours a day but there are a lot of behind the scenes actions and that we are still ramping up the operation.  US will help assist Iraqi and Kurd soldiers.  General Newton also explained that officers in uniform are there to give the President the best military advice, and then it is up to the President to make a decision.

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Duck Dynasty star and Executive Producer for "Left Behind" WILLIE ROBERTSON checked in to talk about the movie starring Nicolas Cage.  He also talked about his daughter Sadie being on "Dancing with the Stars" and told us why he needs to approve of her outfits before she can wear them on the show.