Nu Blu Sam Moore

FOX News Radio's Michelle Pollino spends "A Few Moments With" Bluegrass group Nu-Blu and the Legendary Soul Man, Sam Moore.

Bluegrass band Nu-Blu has teamed up with the legendary Sam Moore for their latest single, "Jesus & Jones", a tribute to the late George Jones. The song is a mix of bluegrass and soul, and is sure to leave fans wanting more. This is Sam Moore's first venture into the bluegrass realm - though over the years, he has crossed over from soul, the genre his hit "Soul Man" named, to rhythm & blues, jazz, big band, pop, and country. The highly anticipated track, "Jesus & Jones", will serve as the first offering from Nu-Blu's forthcoming album, "All The Way", which hit stores on September 16. All The Way takes Nu-Blu creatively into new boundaries. In addition to the duet with Sam Moore, 'queen of bluegrass' Rhonda Vincent is also featured on the album.

Listen HERE:

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