HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN checked in to talk about his belief that President Obama is trying to sell us his half-hearted attempt destroy ISIS.  Everything he is doing is too little and too late.  It is a policy of containing ISIS or just a political stand to let us think he is doing something against them.  Peter said that he President is a neo-isolationist but the public has changed their tune and want us to do more.

Author of "Freddy The Frogcaster & The Big Blizzard" JANICE DEAN talked about the climate change rally over the weekend and how her latest book is being used by schools to help explain weather and how it happens so kids can understand.

HOUR 2 Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about the Global Climate initiative at the UN, but China and Russia won't be at the talks and will not sign up to limit pollution.  This would put us at a competitive disadvantage.  Ed also talked about Gates and Panetta coming out against President Obama on ISIS and his strategy not to arm rebels and keep troops in Iraq.  They also talked about

Chief Economist at The Heritage Institute STEVE MOORE talked about former Obama administration members coming out and contradicting the President on his Middle -East strategy and how climate change believers want to cripple capitalism.  Steve explained that America's economy is being held up by the energy sector and signing into the UN's climate council could seriously hurt the United States.  He also explained that the worst polluters, Russia and China, will not participate or make any concessions          .

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"Special Report" host BRET BAIER talked about their being a concern from the military and the pentagon of having their hands tied on taking on ISIS and whether there will be boots on the ground.  Bret also talked about Leon Panetta saying that it was a mistake not leaving troops in Iraq.  By not signing an agreement to keep the troops in Iraq, Obama got to say that he pulled our troops out of war.  Bret and Brian also touched on Obama actually looking at upgrading and expanding America's nuclear force because Russia is talking about being a nuclear armed country and pushing their weight around.

Son of Colombo Crime Family Underboss John "Sonny" Franzese, recounts his spiritual transformation in true life drama movie, God The Father, MICHAEL FRANZESE told Brian that he did not spire to be in the mob all his life.  He actually was on the road to becoming a doctor until his father went to prison and then had to fall into the mob.  Michael also explained that he tried to make the government think he was helping them out and thinking that he was out until they bagged him for another 5 year term.  For 3 of those years he was in solitary confinement and during that time he became a real Christian and would lead his life from then on.

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