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Some cool new tech is coming to our cars that keeps our eyes off cell phones and other distractions, and the latest auto recall is giving some drivers the creeps.

FOX News Radio’s Jeff Monosso has the details in “Fox Wheels”:

It’s FOX Wheels.

General Motors wants us to keep our eyes on the road and insiders tell us the company has apparent plans for eye and head tracking technology in cars and trucks that’ll soon tell when we’re distracted.

(Gastelu) “It can even set off an alarm to wake you up – or even, you know, initiate some of these autonomous self driving systems.”

Like self breaking and includes facial recognition that foxnews.com auto editor Gary Gastelu says would keep our hands on the wheel.

(Gastelu) “Just look at something on the dash — ‘Oh, I want more air conditioning’ — just look at that real quick and it will turn the air conditioning on.”

And a system that wouldn’t allow people who your car doesn’t recognize, to drive it.

Ford’s been working on a similar system that would take a picture of any unidentified driver in your car and send the potential thief’s mug right to your cell phone.


Spiders have forced the recall of almost 20,000 Suzuki Kizashi’s. Spider webs are clogging the car’s fuel vapor vent. Mazda’s had two similar recalls since 2011. Apparently the smell of gasoline attracts creepy crawlys.

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