8-29 Traffic Monosso

Safely returning home on your labor day weekend, you'll have lot's of company, and preventing what auto experts call recall fatigue.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports in this edition of "FOX Wheels":

It's FOX Wheels.

More people have gotten away this Labor Day then any year since 1998.

(Hunter) "35 million are traveling -- 29.7 million will be traveling by car."

Heather Hunter with AAA says more people are getting behind the wheel in part because it's cheaper, but also a reminder before you head home...

(Hunter) "Ensure that all your precious cargo is safe and properly restrained in the vehicle."

Check your oil, other fluids, and tire pressure too.

And here's a tip with tires... Experts say if you keep them properly inflated at all times that you could save up to 11-cents per gallon if you fuel up once a week.

After scores of vehicle recalls this year, it's tough to keep track and easy to begin tuning out of recall news. That's why the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has launched a new website that allows us to check the recall status of our cars trucks and SUVs. All you need is your vehicle's vin number and this website: Safercar.gov.

That's FOX Wheels, I'm Jeff Monosso.

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