Sad news in the FOX News Radio family. Our White House reporter Mike Majchrowitz has died, following a battle with cancer.

FOX News Radio’s Hank Weinbloom reports:

Mac on AF1

(Majchrowitz) “I’m Mike Majchrowitz at the White House, the President…”


Mike Majchrowitz, the Congressional and White House reporter with the unspellable last name, joined FOX News Radio at its very beginning in 2005. Mac and Rich Johnson were the backbone of the Washington bureau.

(Johnson) “I envied his great pipes, his smooth delivery, ability to recall facts and figures on the fly.”


Born in 1963 in Racine, Wisconsin, a Washington D.C. Correspondent since 1997, Mac was devoted to his wife and three children, and equally devoted to fair and balanced reporting.

(Majchrowitz) “In a roomful of Obamacare supporters, President Obama urged them to get out and sell the law again.”


Mac traveled the world covering Presidential trips.

(Majchrowitz) “I’m not sure if you can hear that wind behind me but it’s blowing pretty hard here in Amman, Jordan, and that’s kicked up the dust…”


He anchored coverage of elections, conventions and debates, returning to cover the 2012 campaign while battling cancer.

Everyone called him “Mac”… they also called him unflappable, and a joy to work with.


(Majchrowitz) “At the White House, Mike Majchowitz, FOX News Radio.


LISTEN to a montage of Mike Majchrowitz’s reporting for FOX News Radio:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made the following statement on Mike Majchrowitz during the White House Briefing on Tuesday:

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