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New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN dropped by the studio and talked about President Obama going golfing after the beheading of James Foley.  Michael believes that Obama has checked out and that we have a President not being President.  He also believes that he will not change his ways because the world is not going his way, the biggest problem is that he refuses to work with anyone and only surrounds himself with yes people only now.


LYNNE CHENEY, wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and author of "James Madison" talked about her book and the 200th anniversary of the burning of the White House by the British during the War of 1812.   Brian and Lynne also talked about the ISIS crisis and Mrs. Cheney believes that he can't change his course of action and listen to what others say.



Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY explained that President Obama is locked in meetings with advisors and said that it appears that the White House put pressure on General Dempsey to walk back his statement that ISIS is a threat and that the only way to beat them is to go into Syria.  On the crisis in Ferguson, MO and sending 3 representatives it continues to show that the administration shows administration focus on somethings too much and not enough on others.


Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Retired Four-Star General JACK KEANE gives his plan on how we can go forward and defeat ISIS.  He also talked about being disappointed in the current administration calling ISIS a regional threat that will not and does not affect us.  We know that they do pose a threat because they have stated they want to attack us on our home soil.  If we don't change our strategy they will keep attacking our vital interests in the Middle East.


"Special Report" host BRET BAIER believes that the President will make a lot of messages to the press this week to show that he is back to work.  On ISIS, Bret finds it striking that Admiral Kirby is saying that ISIS is not capable of attacking the United States when people like Secretary Hagel think they are huge terror threat.


Former Massachusetts Senator SCOTT BROWN (R) talks about his resurgence in the New Hampshire Senate race and how he wants to be in the Senate to help unite the Republican Party because that is the Democrats worst nightmare.  Senator Brown explained that you can tell that he is scaring the Democrats because they have 5 different Super PAC's attacking him.