Police Shooting Missouri

Thousands gather in St. Louis, Missouri to mourn a teenager killed in a police shooting.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Golloher reports from St. Louis:

A day of peace, that's what 18-year-old Michael Brown's father wants out of today as he, his family and friends pay respects to the slain teen who was killed by police.

Brown's funeral here at the Friendly Temple Baptist Church was full of mourners from around the U.S., including Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee and officials from the White House.

This St. Louis resident who didn't want to give his name says he doubts peace will last...

(Resident) "I think it's just simmering right now. If they don't get no positive response, I think it's going to blow up again."

There has been more than a week of rioting and looting since Brown was gunned down.

In St. Louis, Jessica Golloher, FOX News Radio.

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